Bethany Ambassadors chosen for 2010-2011

Forty-four students have been chosen to serve as Bethany College Ambassadors for the 2010-2011 academic year. Ambassadors support the college’s recruiting efforts by giving campus tours to prospective students, hosting visitors to the campus and staffing visit days.

These students are selected for their ability to effectively relate the unique opportunities for learning and growth at Bethany to visitors of the college, primarily prospective students and their families. They also act as representatives of the college at a variety of events, such as Swede Days.

2010-2011 Bethany College Ambassadors include:

  • Arvada, Colo.:  Ashley Pfenninger; Josie Schamp
  • Centennial, Colo.:  Miranda Mickelson
  • Longmont, Colo.:  Lindsay Grivetti; Taylor Hall; Joseph Jedrzejewski
  • Peyton, Colo.:  Ryan Green
  • Pueblo, Colo.:  Courtney Gallardo
  • Strasburg, Colo.: Jessica Thelen
  • Wray, Colo.: Samantha Reeves
  • Admire, Kan.:  Alex DeLong
  • Andover, Kan.: Carlotta Meeker
  • Beloit, Kan.: Shelby Broeckelman; Jessica Hake
  • Benton, Kan.: Tasha Dugan
  • Concordia, Kan.:  Crysta Stensaas
  • Frankfort, Kan.: Emily Dwerlkotte
  • Great Bend, Kan.: Jenna Clarke
  • Junction City, Kan.: Jeffery Childs
  • Lindsborg, Kan.: Nadia Armbruster; Mark Bengston; Thomas DeWitt; Rebecca Telleen; Sharla Stokes
  • Lyndon, Kan.: Hannah Wilson
  • Meade, Kan.: Nicole Holsted
  • Moundridge, Kan.: Marcy Erb
  • Moscow, Kan.: Shane Valdez
  • Olathe, Kan.: Collin Carlson
  • Osborne, Kan.: Blake Nichols
  • Palmer, Kan.: Kellyn Peters
  • Saint John, Kan.: Sarah Johnson
  • Salina, Kan.: Jessica Francis; Danielle Kieffer; Sara Norwood
  • Smith Center, Kan.:  Alyssa Cox
  • Tipton, Kan.: Nicole Ohnsat
  • Topeka, Kan.: Kimberly Clouse
  • WaKeeney, Kan.: Olivia Fabrizius
  • Tipton, Mo.: Kayla Bell
  • Saint Edward, Neb.: Emeryld Wills
  • Waterloo, Neb.:  Courtney Kenny
  • Sand Springs, Okla.:  Allison Ruicker
  • Houston, Texas:  Michael Broome
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