Student of the Week- Jasmine Zaker, October 22

Jasmine  ZakerName: Jasmine “Scooby” Zaker

Sport: Soccer and Softball

Position: Goalie and Second Base

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Major: Biology

Plans for the future? Attend graduate school for geology or earth science

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? When I came on my visit I really liked the small town atmosphere.

What has been your favorite memory from college? Winning the softball conference tournament and going to nationals in Alabama

What drives you as an athlete? I am really competitive and want to win.

What is a talent outside of your sport that you possess? I am good at snowboarding.

What is something very few people know about you? I played four varsity sports in high school.

Favorite food: Desserts

Favorite place to eat: Olive Garden

Favorite beverage: Dr. Pepper

Favorite TV show: That 70’s Show

Favorite book: The Harry Potter Series

Favorite class: Geology

Favorite movie: Young Frankenstein

Favorite band: Fall Out Boy

Favorite holiday: Hanukkah

Favorite website: Facebook

Favorite actor: Brad Pitt

Favorite quote: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Favorite pro team: Arizona Diamondbacks

Favorite college team: UCLA

Morning or night? Night

Eat out or cook? Cook

Coke or Pepsi? Neither

Steak or fish? Steak

Pro or college? College

Rap or rock? Rock

Country or pop? Country

Dance or sing? Both

What is your ringtone? Scooby-doo

What is your current desktop picture? Family Picture

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