Bethany students rank globally in business simulation games

Bethany College students playing an online business simulation game finished in the top 100 of the 2,879 teams playing worldwide.

Students in Bethany‚Äôs sports marketing class taught by Associate Professor of Business Paul Gentine used the Global Business Strategy Simulation (GLO-BUS) online game to run a virtual digital camera company. They assess market conditions, determine how to respond to competitors’ actions, forge long-term direction and strategy, and make decisions about R&D, assembly operations and worker compensation, pricing and marketing, corporate social responsibility, and financing.

The four teams from Bethany faced 2,879 teams from 152 colleges and universities. When the nine-week game ended, Bethany students ended the simulation occupying no. 1 spots in three out of the four ranked categories of overall score, earnings per share, return on equity, and stock price.

The top team included James Bragg, a senior from Sun City, Calif.; Ilija Soc, a senior from Belgrade, Serbia; and Johannes Riemann, a sophomore from Osnabrueck, Germany. They placed in the top 100 teams every week and occupied the no. 1 overall score for five consecutive weeks. They ended no. 1 in overall score, stock price, and earnings per share and no. 26 in return on equity.

Another Bethany team, Samantha Anderson, a freshman from Oberlin, Kan., and Blake Hosey, a senior from Littleton, Colo., placed in the top 100 for six consecutive weeks, ending with no. 47 earnings per share, no. 8 return on equity, and no. 41 stock price.

Angel Martinez, a sophomore from Wichita, Kan.; Tim Daniels, a junior from Corona Calif.; and Morgan Heiman, a senior from Connell, Wash., ranked in the top 100 for three weeks.

Taylor Geddis, a senior from Oklahoma City, Okla.; Lawrence Williams, a junior from Lafayette, Calif.; and Elveyon (Shawn) Sweet, a senior from Fresno, Calif., ranked in the top 100 for one week.

Caption: Bethany College students Johannes Riemann, Osnabrueck, Germany; James Bragg, Sun City, Calif.; and Ilija Soc, Belgrade, Serbia placed first in an online business simulation game against 2,879 teams playing worldwide.

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