Student of the Week- Kayo Vaz, December 10

VazName: Kayo Vaz

Sport: Soccer

Position: Goalkeeper

Hometown: Fortaleza, Ceara-Brazil

Major: Health and Physical Education

Plans for the future? Graduate from Bethany and return to Brazil, but if I have a job opportunity here I could stay a little longer.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? Bethany has everything I need to become a successful student-athlete, but the merits of my choice I give to my coaches Kevin Megli and Gil Navarro.

What drives you as an athlete? My hunger for victory.

Favorite food: Brazilian food

Favorite place to eat: My mom’s house

Favorite beverage: Water

Favorite movie: Goal

Favorite holiday: Christmas and New Years

Favorite website: Facebook

Favorite quote: The suffering is temporary, quitting is forever.

Morning or night? Morning

Eat out or cook? Eat out

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Steak or fish? Steak

Pro or college? Pro

Rap or rock? Rap

Country or pop? Pop

Dance or sing? Dance

What is your current desktop picture? My parents and me

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