Student of the Week-Danny Dodson, February 18

DodsonName: Danny Dodson

Major: Biology

Sport: Basketball

Hometown: Brighton, Colorado

Nominated By: Clair Oleen

Danny is a two time NAIA Champion of Character winner, member of Bio-Chem Club, active in community service, Pen Pal program, Battle of the Buses, and Soderstrom Elementary.

Involvements at Bethany: Basketball and Bio-Chem Club

Plans for Future: Take a year off school and apply to PT or PA school to further my education.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? I chose Bethany because I got the chance to play basketball.

What has been your favorite memory from college? My favorite memory is turning in a take home test by climbing on a roof and slipping the test through the window so we could sleep in the next morning.

What drives you as a person? My family and girlfriend drives me to make it so I work hard, get an education, and work to become successful.

What is a special talent you possess? Finding different things to eat every night even when I don’t have much food.

What are your hobbies? Basketball, playing video games, listening to music, playing piano, hanging out with friends, and reading.

What is something very few people know about you? I played soccer since I was five years old until high school.

Favorite Food: Chili Relleno

Favorite Place to Eat: Olive Garden

Favorite Beverage: Arnold Palmer

Favorite TV Show: Wilfred

Favorite Book: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Favorite Class: Microbiology

Favorite Movie: Airplane

Favorite Band: Blink 182

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Favorite Quote: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest.”

Favorite Pro Team: Denver Broncos

Favorite College Team: KU

Morning or Night? Morning

Eat out or Cook? cook

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

Steak or Fish? Steak

Rap or Rock? Rock

Country or Pop? Country

Dance or Sing? Dance

What is your current desktop picture? Pictures from Hawaii

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