Featured Student of the Week – Caitlin O’Connor

Caitlyn OConnorName: Caitlin O’Connor

Major: Music Education/ Vocal PreK-12 (B.M.E)

Hometown: Arvada, Colo.

Nominated by: Warren Olson

“Caitlin is always so positive about the college and her experiences here as well as very talented in music. She is also very dedicated and a hard worker at the alumni/advancement office!”

Involvements at Bethany: Most of the ensembles in the music department, SAI, and NAFME

Why did you choose Bethany College?  I came to Bethany for the music and soccer programs.

What has been your favorite memory from Bethany? All trips to and from Bethany that involved either the vans, extraneous hours on the road or both of those things combined.

What are your plans for the future?  Teach, go to grad school, and go to seminary

What drives you as a student? Myself, I don’t like settling or not giving my best work.

Do you have any pets? Not at school sadly, but my parents have a puppy at home named Moses.

What’s a talent you possess? Other than music I am belay trained

What’s something very few people know about you? That I’m a type one diabetic

What’s your best advice? Some day you are going to look back on those tough and awful moments in life and feel nothing but calm, no hurt, no anger, no sadness just an overwhelming sense of “ I made it through that” calm.

What’s your desktop picture? It is a slideshow of pictures, mostly of my family.

What’s your current ringtone? Something country I think, it’s almost always on vibrate.

Favorite Food? Homemade anything

Favorite drink? Water

Favorite Restaurant?  Treasure Pot (It’s in my hometown)

Favorite Book? Harry Potter or To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Movie? The Breakfast Club

Favorite Band? Mumford and Sons

Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving

Favorite pro team? Colorado Rapids

 Morning or Night? Morning

Quote: Either “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”-Neale Donald Walsch or “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out of hate; only love can do that.”- MLK Jr.

Eat out or cook? Cook

Rock or Pop? Country

Sing or Dance? Sing

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