Swedes (like Dr. Keir Swisher ’02) succeed!

Keir Swisher

View this billboard southbound on I-135 to Lindsborg

Bethany Swedes succeed! Our students are confident because of the wide background of knowledge, skills, and experiences they gain at Bethany. These enable them to take on challenges and conquer them.

Dr. Keir Swisher ‘02 is just one example of our successful Swedes. Swisher is the co-medical director of the Salina Regional Health Center Emergency Department as a board certified emergency medicine physician.

As a third generation Swede, he knows the value of a Bethany education. “I chose Bethany College because I knew I would get a great education and would be well-prepared to enter medical school,” Swisher says. “Bethany has an amazing acceptance rate into medical school, and I knew medicine was my destination as a career.”

Swisher is featured on Bethany’s southbound I-135 billboard between Salina and Lindsborg. Read his entire success story on www.SwedesSucceed.com, which directs you to the Swedes Succeed webpage of our site featuring.

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