Featured Student of the Week – John Holmquist

16 - John HolmquistName: John Holmquist

Major: Finance

Hometown: Smolan, KS

Nominated by: Warren Olson, Associate Vice President for Development

 Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations): Pi Sigma Chi Fraternity, Business Club, Bethany Oratorio Society

Plans for the future: Grad School, go to Africa as a humanitarian, build my family’s cattle business, teach business on a collegiate level, travel the world, be a cowboy in Australia, work as a financier.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? To study business and develop personal connections with my professors.

What has been your favorite memory from college? BBTs with Collin Carlson and Joe Jed.

What drives you as a person? My own personal desire to achieve success and to become well-known.

What are your hobbies? Horseback riding, roping, golf, trading and investing, reading, and hunting.

What is something very few people know about you? I majored in Agriculture for two years at Kansas State University before coming to Bethany.

Favorite food? Cheeseburgers

 Favorite place to eat? Jalisco’s

 Favorite beverage? Iced Tea

Favorite TV show? Big Bang Theory

 Favorite book? Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

 Favorite class? Investments

 Favorite movie? Wall Street

Favorite band? Third Eye Blind

 Favorite holiday? 4th of July

 Favorite website? Bloomberg

 Favorite actor? Matt Damon

 Favorite quote? “Greed is good” – Gordon Gekko from Wall Street

Favorite pro team? Kansas City Chiefs

 Favorite college team? Kansas State

 Morning or night? Night

 Eat out or cook? Eat Out

Coke or Pepsi? Neither

 Steak or fish? Steak

 Rap or rock? Rock

 Country or pop? Country

 Dance or sing? Sing

 What is your current ring tone? Default

 What is your current desktop picture? Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street

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