Featured Student of the Week – Lindy Broeckelman

21 - Lindy BroeckelmanName: Lindy Broeckelman

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Beloit, Kansas

Nominated by: Jason Schneider, Admissions Representative

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations): Swede Government Association Vice President, Bethany Leadership Team, Pathfinder, Bethany Youth Ministry Team

Plans for the future: Graduate from college and become a teacher!

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? My sister attended Bethany and convinced me to visit. I was very impressed with the education department and felt very welcome when I visited campus. It felt like home!

What has been your favorite memory from college? Roommate fieldtrip days with Amelia!

What drives you as a person? Seeing someone be extremely good at what they do.

What is a special talent you possess? I’m a Words with Friends prodigy

What are your hobbies? Listening to music, playing guitar, spending time with family/friends

What is something very few people know about you? I’ve played violin since I was 4.

Top five strengths according to Strengths Quest:

1. Belief

2. Empathy

3. Self-assurance

4. Adaptability

5. Activator

Favorite food? Anything Italian

Favorite place to eat? Olive Garden

Favorite beverage? Apple juice

Favorite TV show? One Tree Hill

Favorite book? Anything Nicholas Sparks

Favorite class? Anything that doesn’t involve math

Favorite movie? My Best Friend’s Wedding

Favorite holiday? 4th of July

Favorite website? Tumblr

Favorite actor? Josh Duhamel

Favorite quote? “Be so good, they can’t ignore you.”

Favorite college team? Kansas

Morning or night? Night

Eat out or cook? Cook

Coke or Pepsi? Neither

Steak or fish? Steak

Rap or rock? Rap

Country or pop? Country

Dance or sing? Sing

What is your current ring tone? Quacking duck

What is your current desktop picture? Picture of all my siblings and I

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