Right to Know Act

This page centralizes the information that the Federal Government requires institutions of higher education to disclose to students.

Academic Support Services for students with disabilities
Service for students with disabilities
Services for students needing academic support

Accreditation agencies
Bethany College Catalog Information

College Policies
Student Handbook and Policies
Sexual Misconduct Policy/Title IX

Consumer Information
From the Department of Education

Crime report
Emergency procedures for students
Bethany College Annual Security Report
Crime Log

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program
Alcohol/Edu for Bethany College
Alcohol Usage Sanctions
Biennial Review
Drug Usage Sanctions
Kansas DUI Laws

Education Department
Teacher Education Handbook

Enrollment by Class
Enrollment by Degree and Non-Degree Seeking Status
Enrollment by Residency
Retention Rate
Institutional Snapshot

Equity in Athletics
EADA Statement

Financial Aid Information
Contact information for assistance
Important deadlines
Required documents
Pell Grant information

Graduation Rate
2006 Cohort
2007 Graduation Rates by Pell, Stafford, and Athlete
4 year average Graduation Rates

Institutional Information
Contact Information

Job Placement
Graduating Senior Survey
Jobs and Graduate School

Licensure Requirements
Athletic Training

Privacy of Student Records (FERPA)
FERPA information

Teacher Preparation Program
Education Department Pass Rates

Textbook Information
Order Textbooks

Tuition and Costs
Tuition and Costs for 2014-2015

Voter Registration
Kansas Advance Voting Ballot
Voter Registration Information for all states

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