Green Revolving Fund

Billion Dollar Green ChallengeBethany College’s Green Revolving Fund supports sustainability initiatives on campus. Bethany’s Green Team reviews and evaluates potential projects that reduce energy and water consumption, lower carbon emissions, and provide a return on investment. The selected projects are then tracked and evaluated, and the savings gained are reinvested in the $100,000 fund.

Look for the signs around campus for project made possible by the Green Revolving Fund!

The fund began in 2011 when Bethany and 32 other leading institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, and Arizona State, launched the Billion Dollar Green Challenge by committing $65 million to green revolving funds. The Challenge’s goal is to invest a cumulative total of one billion dollars in self-managed green revolving funds that finance energy efficiency upgrades on campuses. Bethany was the only institution in the Great Plains region to be part of the Founding Circle.

Green revolving funds earn a median annual return on investment of 32% according to the Sustainable Endowments Institution’s report, Greening the Bottom Line, available at With the Challenge, the Sustainable Endowments Institute hopes to change the perception that energy efficiency measures are expensive into the realization that such measures are good investments.

The Green Challenge is coordinated by the Sustainable Endowments Institute and 13 other partner institutions. An expert advisory council of 34 members offers technical assistance, best practices sharing, access to an advanced web-based tool for managing green revolving funds, peer institutions’ project-specific data and invitations to specialized webinars and conferences. Visit for more information about the Challenge.

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