» Academic Support Course Descriptions

*Note: A maximum of six semester hours of Academic Support course credit may be counted toward graduation.

AS003 Introduction to Composition
This course combines the study of sentence structure and the mechanics of writing with the principles of structuring clear paragraphs and essays to help students gain the skills and confidence necessary for writing college level assignments. Students with an English ACT score below 18 should take his course during their fist semester, before enrolling in EN101 Thinking and Writing.

AS008 College Reading
This course focuses on the fundamentals of reading; dictionary skills, expansion of sight vocabulary, and improvement of basic comprehension skills. Students are also introduced to the study skills, habits, and attitudes that promote academic success. Individual and group tutoring, counseling, and computer-assisted learning are available. This class should be taken concurrently with at least one class that requires significant reading so that techniques learned in this class can be immediately applied outside of this class.

AS012 Study Skills
This course is designed to help students in their transformation to college life, enable students to form their expectations of college study, and introduce to students the strategies to succeed academically and socially during their college years. Fall only.

AS013 Academic Assistance
This course is designed to help students get off of academic probation by concentrating on time management and intensifying and increasing the efficiency of their study.

AS099 Introduction to Algebra
This course, designed to teach and review basic mathematics and algebra skills, presents concepts, procedure and problem solving strategies to enable students to perform successfully in college level mathematics courses. Students who have Mathematics ACT score below 15 or who did not complete high school Algebra 1 with a grade of B or better should take this course during their first semester, before enrolling in any course in the Math Department.

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