Credential Files

The Office of Career Services works closely with the Education Department to support future teachers in their job search. The staff in Career Services provides resume reviews and provides assistance for student-teachers when setting up their online credential files. Bethany students who are currently student teaching need to establish a credential file with Career Services during the fall semester of the academic year in which they student teach.

What is a credential file?
A credential file is a collection of documents used to support a student’s application for a teaching position. It contains between three to six letters of recommendation. Most school districts require candidates to submit copies of their credential file to apply for a teaching position.

How do I establish my credential file?
To establish your credential file, stop by the Office of Career Services. Here you will receive information about setting up your self-managed credential file through Optimal Resume’s portfolio module. An “open” credential file means you have access to the documents in your file.

Once you have established your credential file, you will be able to send it out whenever you apply for a job!

For alumni who still have paper credential files in career services:
Call or stop by the Career Services Office and provide the following information:

  • Name of school district to which you are applying
  • Name of school administrator (Superintendent, Principal, Director of Human Resources)
  • Application deadline

Your first six credential file mail requests are free and after six requests, the cost to send your credential file is $3.00 per request. Once you exceed six requests, the Career Services office will send you an invoice at the end of the month requesting payment.

I am a Bethany alumnus/alumna who has taught for several years. I am looking for a new job and want to update my credential file. How do I do this?
We highly recommend you create a new online portfolio with new references. To add your older “closed” letters to your new online file, you will need written permission from the letter writer.

Simply call or stop by the Career Services office and let us know you would like to update your file. The staff will let you know which letters of recommendation are currently in your file, then send you a packet with blank forms to give to your new recommenders.

How long is my credential file retained in the Career Services office?
The Career Services office guarantees credential files will be stored for ten years from the time they are created.

How do I learn about available teaching positions?
The Career Services office posts announcements of all teaching vacancies that are received. However, we recommend pursuing positions online at

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