Art Careers

Administrator– director of an art gallery or museum; dean of art school; art director; fund-raiser; public relations.

Architecture – architect; drafter; city planner; interior designer; interior architect; lighting consultant; restoration planner; architectural renderer; model maker.

Art Education – art specialist; art supervisor; art school teacher; artist-in-residence; media specialist; art therapist; museum educator; textbook author; art historian; art lecturer; researcher.

Computer Graphics – animator; graphic designer; advertising artist; cartoonist; aviation consultant; weather graphics.

Designer – furniture; textiles; interiors; store windows; wallpaper; gift items; store displays; housewares; autos; bookplates; industrial designs; theatrical designer; toy designer.

Fashion – shoes & boots, fabrics, hats, babies’ & children’s clothes, coats, dresses, hosiery, handbags, accessories, jewelry; pattern maker; fashion illustrator; fashion copywriter; fashion editor/writer/ fashion show coordinator; fashion merchandiser; fashion art director for advertising firm; theatrical costumer; hair stylist; color consultant; window decorator.

Fine Artist and Craftsperson – sculptor; painter; ceramist; weaver; potter; jewelry-maker; metal-smith; glassblower & designer; engraver; etcher; woodworker; mold maker; muralist; performance artist; police sketch artist; printmaker.

Forensic Science – crime scene photographer; police sketch artist.

Illustrator – children’s books; medical journals; fashion ads; cars; compact disc covers; greeting cards; technical & scientific designs; medical illustrator; botanical drawings; advertising; courtroom artist; animator; cartoonist; colorist; editorial illustrator; technical illustrator.

Museum – curator; art education specialist; art historian; purchasing agent for bookstore; art appraiser; director; conservator; restorer; archaeologist; display artist/designer; librarian; museum photographer; editor; writer; public relations; researcher; graphic designer; publication permissions; public relations; museum exhibit designer; archivist; audio-visual librarian; auction house cataloguer.

Photography – medical illustrator; photo journalist; fashion photographer; museum photographer; newspaper or magazine photographer; architectural photographer; aerial photographer; studio, industrial, food, fine art, crime scene photographer; portrait photographer; darkroom technician; illustrator; industrial photographer.

Theatre – lighting designer; set designer; costumer; program designer; make-up artist; graphic artist; puppet-maker.

Video and Film – film director; producer; editor; video operator; courtroom video operator; art director; cinematographer; animator; lighting consultant; set designer; special effects person; computer graphics, computer & video games.

Web Design – layout artist; computer graphics specialist; color & design consultant; graphic designer; advertising artist.

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