Student Highlights

Study Abroad Program

Many art majors choose to study abroad each academic year. Students enroll in Bethany College courses but receive credit from the extended institution. Many students also receive grants and external funding to aid in the cost of travel.

 “I studied abroad in Florence, Italy as an aspiring art teacher. I wanted to go to explore a new culture, investigate and be surrounded by art, and challenge my potential as an artist. All of these things were accomplished and were met so far more beyond my expectations. The experience really challenged me as a traveler, a student, and as an individual. It was incredible to begin to embrace and appreciate a whole new place and one that was so heavily influenced by art. It truly had a deep saturation of its own Italian beauty. I got to travel almost every other weekend to surrounding areas of the Tuscany Region and during spring break I got to go  to Ireland to explore my roots. Overall it was an incredible experience that I would truly recommend.”        Holly Phelps – Spring 2013


“My favorite part of studying abroad was learning about all the different cultures and points of view first hand. As an art major, it was interesting to draw the comparisons from both culture and art. To see pieces of art I had only read about and seen pictures of became my favorite moments. While studying in Florence, your eyes open and you see more possibilities. For example, Fall Break is coming up and why not travel to other parts of Europe? Istanbul? Why not! Because who knows when the next time I will be this close by? When you study abroad, your whole world seems to get bigger and opens up for you to explore.” Sarah Hill – Fall 2012


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