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The current social, political, and religious climate around the world makes criminal justice an exciting and relevant field for college students to pursue. Crime control, due process, and the fight against terrorism, both home and abroad, is everyone’s business. We watch for danger, lock our doors, and make sure our loved ones are protected. Violent and property crimes are on the rise, juvenile delinquency rates are up, and terror groups continue to train and educate our young people. When we hear a police siren or see news reports about crime it brings the concerns home. The result is tremendous needs, as well as many opportunities, in the field of criminal justice.

The BA in Criminal Justice at Bethany College allows our students to gain a range of knowledge in such fields as law enforcement, court systems, corrections, juvenile justice, and victimology. Graduates with our degree can select from a variety of career fields including probation and parole, corrections, case management, victim advocacy, law enforcement, or preparation for law school, graduate school or the United States military. Students may also gain practical experience through Bethany’s Experience-Based Education (EBE) program. Through EBEs, students earn academic credit for on-the-job observation and work experiences. Students can also be active in our department with our Law and Order Club and Theta Pi academic honor society.

Whether you are interested in serving our communities in the criminal justice field or would simply like to learn more about why crime exists, what we can do about it, and how it affects you and your family, call or contact us below or visit our Admissions Office to schedule a tour!


Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice


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