Bethany College at MindFire offers innovative teaching techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and a complete package of courses to give you the education needed to start in the industry. You’ll spend as much time learning from industry professionals as you will creating your own work with professional cameras and equipment, lighting, industry-standard software like Pro-Tools, Cinema 4D, Maya, and ZBrush, a professional-grade sound board, a green screen, and the region’s only fully-functional motion capture stage.

Focus Areas

3D Computer Animation 3D Computer Animation

Study the artistic and computer skills needed to animate and develop three-dimensional models and scenes. You’ll use rigging and modeling tools to animate your 3D objects in lit environments.

Digital Filmmaking Digital Filmmaking

You’ll develop a short film using concepts and techniques of pre- and post-production for filmmaking. Camera angles, raw footage storage and editing, positioning, use of light and sound—you’ll learn all of the skills needed to tell a visual story.

Video Game DesignVideo Game Design

Develop the skills needed to build a leveling game environment incorporating asset drops and character development within  the UnReal Game Engine. Create artistic scenes and static meshes with character pathways and action sequences. You will learn the basics of game engine configuration, interactive objects, and rendering techniques, along with compelling storytelling capabilities. Help develop character actions and movements through the use of the region’s only motion capture stage.

Audio Recording ArtsAudio Recording Arts

Gain industry-recognized certification in the use of Avid’s Pro Tools audio digitizing and capturing software. Plus you’ll learn introductory skills for pre- and post-music/audio production techniques. Ready to start your path in the digital arts? Please fill out the Inquiry Form today and we will call or email you right away.


With our 2+2 Bachelor of Arts Programs students transfer as Juniors and complete their last two years focusing directly on skills to be successful in digital and media arts careers.


Certificates are available for gainful employment or industry professional development. The MindFire Collaborative is a year long program whereby students produce a working reel via a capstone team project experience.

All courses are delivered within 8 and 7 week sessions. Please call for additional questions or Financial Aid: 316-928-8569

Advanced Placement for High School Students

Current Sophomore, Junior and Senior High students may take up to two listed courses at considerable discount for college credit.


Two courses can be audited per individual at considerable discount (no college credit).

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