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Network marketing is a business model in which salespeople directly sell products to consumers, who are typically personal contacts of the seller or who are reached by word-of-mouth. Bethany is the first institution to offer curriculum about network marketing.

Bethany’s mission is to promote integrity, trust, and transparency in network marketing, a business model that is underrepresented in education.

The Network Marketing curriculum includes both online learning and experience-based practicum with network marketing mentors. Students will learn ethical business practices, planning requirements, compensation plan variables, product distribution processes, marketing and advertising methods, and industry trends. Education will include how to evaluate whether a network marketing company is legitimate, sales techniques to successfully sell the product, and how to mentor other network marketers.

The network marketing curriculum supports Bethany’s core values, including servant leadership and sustainability because the network marketing business models reduce packaging, inventory, advertising, and encourage judicious usage of resources.

Students will have the ability to:

  • Emphasize and practice the Ten Characteristics of Servant Leadership.
  • Apply the principle of servant leadership to network marketing.
  • Work effectively in teams.
  • Communicate effectively in a business environment.
  • Solve business-related problems.

BU270 Network Marketing (3 hours)

This course focuses on developing an understanding of the leadership skills, processes and techniques involved in becoming successful in a Network Marketing company, including such topics as selling, distribution, advertising, referral marketing, personal sales organizations, legal environment and compensation plans.

BU387 Network Marketing Practicum I (3 hours)

Network Marketing Practicum I consists of 50 hours of work experience. The Agency and the Practicum student negotiate a mutually convenient schedule to meet the necessary time commitment. Students in BU387 may not be full-time students at Bethany College. The experience is intended to supplement current work experience. The Practicum experience is a unique opportunity to simulate the type of employment that is in the student’s area of interest. The difference between employment and the Practicum is that the Student maintains affiliation with the College during the experience. This affiliation serves to protect and provide the Student with feedback regarding progress during the Practicum.

Prerequisites: BU270 Network Marketing


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