General Education



The mission of the Bethany College General Education Program is to nurture and challenge students’ knowledge and skills in communication, critical thinking, and multidisciplinary inquiry which serve as a foundation for developing students’ potential within particular fields of study and for enhancing their lives of faith, learning and service.


Bethany College endorses the principle that students can best develop their potential when knowledge and skills learned in specialized majors are accompanied by a set of educational experiences that are broader in range and more general in their relevance to life.


  • Every student will receive training in written and oral communication and in critical thinking. Graduates of Bethany should possess the communication and critical thinking skills necessary to perform successfully in college, on the job, and in civil society.
  • Every student will be exposed to a breadth of knowledge and to ways of thinking beyond the requirements of his/her future career. Graduates of Bethany College should understand the concerns, questions, and ideas of a variety of disciplines and be able to use this knowledge to understand and analyze arguments made in the public sphere.
  • Every student will have the opportunity to work with fellow students to engage challenging questions and issues. In addition to understanding the theories and paradigms of one discipline or profession, graduates should be able to move beyond disciplinary boundaries to combine and use a variety of intellectual tools and approaches to understand and improve their world.
  • Every student will be exposed to issues, concerns, and peoples that shape our work in the 21st century. Graduates should be acquainted with a broad range of peoples and societies, should have thought about how some of this knowledge affects their understanding of their own identity and society, and should have thought through some of the implications these peoples and societies have on their future as citizens in a global economy.
  • Every student will have the opportunity to inquire into questions of ultimate concern and meaning. Graduates of Bethany College should understand the central elements of the Christian tradition in comparison to other major religions and ideologies.

For more information on the design and requirements of Bethany’s General Education Program, please see the Academic Catalog.

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