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Program Mission

The mission of the Honors Program is to bring Bethany’s best students together in an interdisciplinary class setting where they can push themselves and one another in an academic community of equally prepared, motivated, focused, curious learners.


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Why You Should Apply

You will sharpen your critical thinking skills and be a member of an active and stimulating community. You will be challenged to perform your very best. You will be invited to engage with important ideas in a world that needs you.

Additionally, members of the Honors Program will enjoy the following privileges:

  • An annual Honors scholarship of at least $1000, subject to merit increases as the annual budget allows.
  • Funds available on a competitive basis to subsidize participation in academic conferences.
  • Priority in enrollment – you’ll register for courses before all other students.
  • An overload fee waiver during the semesters you are taking Honors courses.
  • Faculty-length borrowing privileges at the library (that is, longer lending time).

Your Honors status will be included on your diploma. This communicates your customized, challenging coursework to future employers, graduate programs, and professional schools. Your Honors coursework will also mean you’ll work closely with faculty across the disciplines – faculty who will not only help you explore diverse, integrated professional options but also direct you to unusual academic and research opportunities and provide you with crucial support and recommendations in the graduate school and job application process.

Application Criteria & Program Courses

See the Academic Catalog for application criteria and program courses.


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Loranelle Lockyear, Ph.D.

Milfred Riddle McKeown Distinguished Professor of Science Chair of Chemistry DepartmentProfessor of Chemistry
Office Department of Biology & Chemistry Nelson Science Center 213 Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8152
Photo of Loranelle Lockyear , Ph.D.


Loranelle Lockyear is a professor of chemistry at Bethany College.  She has been a member of the Bethany College faculty since 2002.

At Bethany College, Lockyear teaches general chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and scientific research & writing. She is an advisor of the Bethany College Bio-Chem Club.

Lockyear’s research has been published in many scientific journals. In 2005, she contributed two chapters to the book Microfluidic Techniques: Reviews and Protocols.  She co-holds an international patent for an “Apparatus and Method for Trapping Bead Based Reagents within Microfluidic Analysis Systems.”

Lockyear has given presentations of her work at Kansas State University, the American Chemical Society National Meeting, micro-TAS, Pittcon, and numerous other venues.

Previously, Lockyear has done post-doctoral research with Jed Harrison at the University of Alberta and taught at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo.

Lockyear earned her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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