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Experienced-Based Education is an internship-for-credit program unique to Bethany College. By participating in an EBE, Bethany students earn academic credit while job shadowing or interning.

Anyone can be an intern, but what makes an EBE unique is the learning experience. In an EBE, students

  • create an educational plan in coordination with their worksite supervisor;
  • attend an EBE orientation;
  • journal during the internship;
  • write a summary paper on the experience; and
  • reflect on the experience afterwards with a sponsoring professor and the career services director.

EBE students not only learn practical career skills and define their career goals, they apply principles studied in the classroom and gain deeper insights into their academic discipline. EBE students also:

  • Explore career options
  • Enhance their marketability
  • Develop professional skills
  • Build professional networks
  • Draw connections between the classroom and professional world
  • Identify and utilize professional resources
  • Earn academic credit

EBEs may be completed during any of Bethany’s four semesters: fall, spring, summer or Interterm. Students may arrange for an EBE at a site in or near Lindsborg, or they may complete an EBE anywhere in the world.

Up to 15 semester hours credit can be earned toward graduation through EBEs. With approval from the department chair, four of the maximum 15 hours may be for 300-level credit. All credits are recorded as pass/fail. A maximum of 12 credits can be earned during a semester, six during summer, and three during Interterm. Students earn one credit hour for every 50 hours spent at the job site or working on the internship. Tuition for EBE credit is assessed at the same rate as all other credits for that particular term.

For more information, read the EBE Frequently Asked Questions.


Brittany Torres

Assistant Director of Wallerstedt Learning Center EBE Process Manager
Office Wallerstedt Learning Center Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8163
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Brittany Torres started working at Bethany in August 2008.  She came to Bethany after receiving her bachelor’s degree in psychology from College of the Ozarks.  She later chose to pursue a master’s degree in library science at Emporia State University, which she completed in August 2013.

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