Course Descriptions

Summer Graduate Courses for Educators


  • ED598, Special Topics – Methods and Applications for Virtual Instruction

This course will introduce a wide-range of skills and instructional practices (including blogs, Google Apps, custom videos, podcasts, and flipped classrooms) while at the same time introducing broader cultural shifts in the educational landscape, such as Personalized Blended Learning, Digital Citizenship and Humanistic Technology.  This course is open for teachers with either full or limited access to technology in their classrooms.

  •  ED598, Special Topics – Teaching Online – Get Your Foot in the Online Door

This is a graduate course designed to give inservice teachers a practical, hands-on working knowledge of various instructional technologies and applications as they apply to the teaching/learning process in teaching online courses.

  •  ED598, Special Topics – Strategies in Special Education for Today’s Teachers

To provide teachers with the knowledge and skills that are instrumental in understanding, accepting, and addressing the challenges posed by students with exceptional learning needs in the general education classroom. Teachers will learn ways in which to help students through an understanding of the diverse aspects of students in an adaptive special education setting.  The course will aid teachers in modifying lessons for each of their students.

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