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The registrar’s office maintains each current or former student’s permanent record.  Transcripts are the certified copies of these records. Transcripts contain confidential information and cannot be furnished or released without the student’s or alumnus’ signed, specific request.  Current students who wish to have a transcript request processed shortly after grades and/or degrees for a semester have been posted may indicate this in advance on the request.

Third Party Transcript Requests:

Transcripts can be requested by a third party (e.g.: college, university, employer) when the third party is covering the cost of the transcript. The third party must provide a signed release from the student, which can be uploaded as a PDF when ordering the transcript online.

Requesting a Transcript:

Transcript ordering is now available online for both current and former Bethany College students.  This service allows you to order official transcripts online, provided by the National Student Clearinghouse.  It is free to register, and you can securely order, pay, and track your order online, 24/7. Your request must be approved through the Bethany Accounting Office to ensure that your account is in good standing before the processing can begin.  Please be aware that your transcript will NOT be released if a NDSL/Perkins Account is delinquent or if you have an outstanding obligation to Bethany College. Once your official transcript has been mailed to the recipient indicated on your request, we no longer have control over how long it takes to get to its final destination.  Also, it is up to you to list on the transcript request accurate recipient information (full street address and/or fax number).  Due to this approval process and the number of requests received daily, please allow 3-5 days for processing.  Transcript requests received 2 weeks before or after the beginning or end of a term may take up to 4 weeks for processing. Transcripts can be ordered using your American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa debit/credit card.  Your card will be charged when we send your transcript(s).  Order updates will be emailed to you along with text messages if you desire.  You may track your transcript order online. If you do not have access to a computer and/or the internet, you can call our office, 785-227-3380, ext. 8105, for further instructions.

Transcript Fees:

  • Official Transcript, Regular Mail – $8 per transcript plus $2.25 processing fee per recipient
  • Overnight Mail (This is our “In-House Rush” option that provides same-day processing.) – $8 per transcript plus $2.25 processing fee plus $10 rush fee per order. We will adjust your final charges to reflect one $10 rush fee if you are sending transcripts to more than one recipient.
  • Faxed Unofficial Transcripts – $5 per transcript plus $2.25 processing fee per recipient.
  • Fax/Mail – $5 for faxing plus $8 per transcript plus $2.25 processing fee per recipient.
  • Overnight FedEx – $35 for FedEx plus $8 per transcript plus $2.25 processing fee per recipient. Transcript will be shipped to the recipient within one business day for delivery the next business day.

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