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Messiah Women 2009Testimonials:

“The ambiance of old Presser Hall, an extremely talented director, outstanding orchestral accompaniment…organ, harpsichord, renowned soloists – PLUS the chorus of 200+ voices belonging to people who range in age ‘up and down the scale’ all contribute to an experience of a lifetime!” ~ Judy Anderson, Wichita, Kan., Soprano

Messiah Men 2009“This is my sixth year singing. The first year I tried but was probably listening as much as singing. But no matter how many years I sing, each one has been and probably will be a thrill. I’ll be 70 in June and haven’t experienced many things as thrilling as this.” ~ Bob Lindholm, Lindsborg, Kan., Bass

“Coming from a community where the interaction of students and community members is highly prized, the Messiahis an extension of the wonderful relationship. There really is no feeling comparable to that of having the notes and words crescendo from the throats of more than 200 individuals and get swept up into the passion and glory of a magnificent work of art that will never lose its impact.” ~ Stephanie Bahr, ’06, Hazelton, Kan., Alto

Scott James Messiah 2009Join the Chorus!
New Singers
Sunday, January 25, 2015
Presser Hall 

Full Rehearsal – 3-4:30pm

All persons aged 16 and over are welcome to participate! The Chorus Audition for new singers is a simple and low-stress process. Auditions take place one hour prior to the first few rehearsals. The audition itself consists of two parts:

  • Pitch retention exercise
  • Testing of the singer’s range (high and low).

Messiah Strings 2007Welcome to the Orchestra!

Interested orchestra players should contact Festival Music Director, Dr. Mark Lucas at 785-212-1362.


Messiah Festival Office – 785-227-3380, ext. 8137,  or bunningb@bethanylb.edu