B.A. Business Management


Developing the skills to become a leader in business is essential for success.  Our 100% online program is designed to provide our adult students the experience and expertise of trained leaders in business management.

Throughout uniquely developed courses that focus on active learning, students can learn how to become managers within our virtual community in a manner that translates to real life critical application in the workplace.

The skills and relationships built in our virtual community are designed to assist you in developing a successful career in Business.

For this program, students do not select a minor to allow for a concentrated focus within business management.

Admission Requirements:
To qualify for admission, applicants to the program must be at least 22 years of age or older, have  a minimum of 30 transferable credits, and possess a 2.0 GPA.




Nina Ciric

Online Admissions Counselor is available to assist you.


855-5-BETHANY or (785) 337-0057

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