Departmental Clubs

Science ClubDepartmental clubs and organizations focus on a career field or academic discipline. These groups are led by students and sponsored by faculty members. In these groups, students explore career options, network, practice their craft, and have fun and socialize at the same time.

Bethany departmental clubs and organizations include:

Associated Music Students of Bethany College


Photo of  Melody  Steed , D.M.A.

Melody Steed, D.M.A.

Co-Chair of Music Department Associate Professor of Music - Sacred Music
Office Department of Music Presser Hall 206 Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8141 Read Biography
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Student Art Club


Photo of  Frank  Shaw , M.F.A.

Frank Shaw, M.F.A.

Associate Professor of Art (Fall Semester) - Drawing, Painting, & Printmaking
Office Department of Art Mingenback Art Center 122 Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8147 Read Biography | View Portfolio
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Bio-Chem Club


Photo of  Loranelle  Lockyear , Ph.D.

Loranelle Lockyear, Ph.D.

Milfred Riddle McKeown Distinguished Professor of Science Chair of Chemistry DepartmentProfessor of Chemistry
Office Department of Biology & Chemistry Nelson Science Center 213 Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8152 Read Biography
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Photo of  Mark  McDonald , Ph.D.

Mark McDonald, Ph.D.

Chair of Biology Department Professor of Biology
Office Department of Biology & Chemistry Nelson Science Center 216 Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8201 Read Biography
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Business Club


Photo of  David  Frost , M.S.

David Frost, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Business
Office Department of Business & Economics Social Science Center 26 Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8173 Read Biography
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Law & Order


Photo of  Douglas  Smith , M.A.J.

Douglas Smith, M.A.J.

Chair of Criminal Justice Department Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Office Department of Criminal Justice Social Science 22 Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8169 Read Biography
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Psychology Club


Photo of  Andrea  Ring , M.S.

Andrea Ring, M.S.

Chair of Psychology Department Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office Department of Psychology Social Science, 26 Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8264 Read Biography
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Von Neumann Society for science and math


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