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The mission of the Bethany College Office of Residence Life is to facilitate the development of our residents within living and learning communities.  We are committed to providing quality programs and services that promote personal growth, foster the understanding of human diversity, and encourage academic success.  The professional and paraprofessional staff is looking forward to honoring that choice by offering a residential living/learning experience that not only supports but enriches your experience and success academically as well as personally. In the following sections we will briefly describe the program and services that support our commitment to providing a residential living/learning experience that not only strives to meet but exceeds your expectations.

Bethany College is a residential campus. This means that full-time students live on campus and participate in one of our meal plans.

Each residence hall is staffed by 1 Resident Director, and 4-6 student Resident Assistants. Resident Directors (RDs) are professional live in staff members of the Office of Residential Education and Services. Resident Directors lead a staff of Resident Assistants and oversee the residents in the residence halls. Resident Directors provide leadership through conduct, attitude, and professionalism. Resident Assistants (RAs) are paraprofessional staff members of the Office of Residential Education and Services. A Resident Assistant is responsible for the general welfare of the students within the residence halls and for continuing consultation with appropriate staff members. A Resident Assistant is also responsible for assisting students and staff in the development of cultural and educational programs that enhances the educational experience.

Community, exposure to different people, relationships with other students, and the available activities that coincide with on-campus living contribute to student successes, and help to make college a memorable experience. To create this community and its benefits, residential students are encouraged to participate in residential programming events throughout each year. The goal is for student to feel a common identity, experience a common bond with fellow students, hold one another accountable and responsible, protect the rights of one another, and facilitate personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

As a member of the Bethany College residential community, each student is responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies of the residence-hall system as outlined in the Student Handbook, including:

  • All full-time students live on campus and participate in a meal plan. Specific exceptions consider student age, veteran status or family living arrangements.
  • Alcohol and other illicit drugs are prohibited on campus and at college-sponsored events.
  • Co-education visitation is permitted in residence halls during visitation hours.
  • For safety, cooking devices with open coils or any open flame items are not allowed.
  • Weapons and firearms are prohibited.

If you have questions, please feel free to email Residence Life. We’d be happy to assist you!

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