Greeks Start Semester Strong

JV volleyball

Posing for a quick picture, these Greeks were the first of many to make it to the JV volleyball game. Greek Life is putting a higher emphasis on being Greek no matter the time or place.

This semester Bethany College Greek Life has been very busy. With a focus on retention and giving back to the community, Greek Council has organized and hosted events that make the campus fell more like a home. Pairing with SAB during orientation Greek Life members from each organization helped set up, serve and teardown the annual Ice Cream Social. Members of Greek Life were also part of the orientation team who helped freshmen adjust to the newest part of their lives.

The momentum of orientation just sparked the fire for the other events held thus far. Last week Greek Council organized “Go Greek Week”. On Tuesday sororities and fraternities set up tables in the Caf to introduce students to the individual groups. Trying something new for Wednesday, the fraternities and sororities all dressed in their letters to support the junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams, including the Terrible Swede. Multiple events were hosted on Thursday. Greek Life hosted the weekly Big Brew which concluded right on time for students to make it to another new event: Tie-A-Toga. Greek Council gave away 25 free bed sheets to the first students to learn expert toga tying techniques. These techniques were handy for the night’s Toga Party, an annual event that includes music, refreshments, and opportunities to speak with fraternity men and sorority women. Lizzie Benoit, junior member of Alpha Delta Zeta, had this to say about the week, “The events give Greek Life a positive, uplifting name while also bringing the campus as a whole together.”

Dr. Vogel

Examining the Zeta’s trifold, Dr. Vogel learns information about Alpha Delta Zeta from junior Lizzie Benoit. Caf Day included many similar experiences for students as well.

This week the fraternities and sororities are hosting rush parties. Rush parties are informal opportunities to get to know a specific group of men or women. Micah Hirschler, junior member of Sigma Phi Omega, gave her opinion, “It’s refreshing to see how many people are interested in Greek Life this year.” Events will continue Saturday with fraternities and sororities giving bids to individuals whom they think share the same values as the group. The week will end Sunday night with the traditional Bow Night in which potential new members declare which group that they desire to join.

Being focused on the community, the Greek Council is planning on hosting its annual Caramel Apple Social in October and a Veteran’s Day letter drive in November. Greek Council’s current goals include reaching 25% student involvement with Greek Life. “We really want to do our part in enhancing the student experience this year. Greek Life can provide meaningful experiences and connections that other activities just cannot provide.” Said Joe Wolf, Greek Council President and senior member of Pi Sigma Chi.

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Featured Student of the Week – Kayo Marcello De Paulo Vaz

Kayo2 (h)Name: Kayo Marcello De Paulo Vaz

Major: Business Administration / Finance

Hometown: Fortaleza-CE, Brazil

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations): Soccer

Plans for the future: Move to Arizona, find a job in the Banking field, get married to my fiancé Jasmine Zaker and build a family.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? I chose Bethany because I liked the small community atmosphere where you get to meet everybody and people actually know who you are.

Here is Kayo’s Bethany College Story…

Bethany College was really important for my development as a student and as a person. While attending Bethany, I had a lot of unique experiences such as being nominated as the men’s soccer team captain my junior and senior year. This nomination helped me to improve my leadership skills, which I will need when I get into the work environment that I want to be in. Bethany College was the place where I met and proposed to my fiancé Jasmine Zaker. I also have met a lot of great people that made my college experience one of the best cycles of my life.  My coaches and professors were always friendly and willing to help guide me along my path. Bethany College also provided me with a lot of opportunities to build experiences for the future work environment, such as the shadowing experiences, job opportunities and building relationships in the community through community service activities.

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Featured Student of the Week – Jerilee Cameron

Jerilee Cameron (h)Name: Jerilee Rhiann Cameron

Major: Secondary English Education

Hometown: Osborne, KS

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations): Honors Student, Clarinetist in Bethany Symphonic Band, Member of Sigma Phi Omega Sorority

Plans for the future: I am fortunate enough to have a teaching job lined up at Phillipsburg High School teaching ninth and eleventh grade English! I also plan to do some creative writing and, if I get lucky, have some of my work published.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? After attending an art workshop at Bethany my sophomore year of high school, I knew this was the place for me! Not only is the campus tight-knit and inviting, but the faculty members here go the extra mile to ensure that their students succeed, which is something that is rare across college campuses.

Here is Jerilee’s Bethany College Story…

The moment when learning ceases as an obligation and morphs into an engaging, enjoyable phenomenon for students is as close to magic as we will ever know. I have experienced class sessions while at Bethany when we undergraduates transformed into full-fledged scholars, engaging in peer discussions that ignited curiosity. While these sessions were engaging to me as a student, they also enabled me to facilitate this within my role as a teacher. Student-teaching last semester was a memorable experience. And while leading a group of rambunctious sixteen-year-olds through an Arthur Miller play may seem like a challenge (it was!), it was also a beautiful event that allowed me to see this zest for learning in action through my own students. If not for my phenomenal professors modeling what caring, enthusiastic teachers possessed, I would not have been nearly as successful in my own classroom. So, thank you, to all of the professors who enabled me to love learning and to love teaching.

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Capstone Presentations

SeniorCapstoneSenior communication majors will present their capstone projects on Monday, May 11 from 10 a.m. to noon in the Levin meeting room at Pilhblad Memorial Union.

Four students will present projects including:

  • Mike Mertz – use play theory to rhetorically analyze the video game, “To The Moon.”
  • Katia Matter – combines Aristotle and non-discursive rhetoric to analyze three scenes from Disney World’s ride, “The Haunted Mansion.”
  • Melissa Woeppel – views Aristotle’s appeals through Kenneth Burke’s concept of terministic screens to analyze cultural representations of the rhetoric of agriculture.
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Featured Student of the Week – Barry Garfinkel

NBarry (1)ame: Barry Garfinkel

Major: Accounting/Business Management

Hometown: Karkur, Israel

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations): Basketball, Track, Business Club, RA,  Work at the bookstore.

Plans for the future: Become an accountant & star player for the New York Knicks.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? A good friend of mine from my basketball team in California, Luis Marrero, also got an offer from Bethany, so we choose to stick together.

Here is Barry’s Bethany College Story…

The best times I have had here at Bethany are the talks I had with faculty and staff members, whether with Paul Gentine, David Frost, Matt Riordan and many others. I am very lucky to be surrounded by so many people who care about me and want to see me succeed. These people have no problem stopping any activity at any time just to talk and share their experiences.

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Featured Student of the Week – Ross Bergsten

Ross (1)Name: Ross Bergsten

Major: Biology

Hometown: Blue Rapids, KS

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations): Biochem, Tribeta, Honors

Plans for the future: Attend grad school at K-state next semester

Here is Ross’s Bethany College Story…

My favorite positive memories here at Bethany hearkens back over my many years I’ve spent here. In my memory, my freshman year was like an origin story movie where I met all my current friends. While I have no specific favorite memory, the adventures that my friends and I have gone on throughout our four years here combine to form at least one pretty decent memory. Even though I am a senior, I hope that I have plenty more adventures with my friends left.

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Featured Student of the Week – Micah Dunkleberger


Micah (1)Name: Micah Dunkleberger

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Skiatook, Oklahoma

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations):

I am the President of Newtonian Society, the Math and Science Representative on SGA, a member of Alpha Delta Zeta, a member of Tri-Beta, a Servant Leader Scholar, a Sustainability Scholar, and a Resident Assistant for Anna Marm Hall.

Plans for the future:

I am pre-pharmaceutical and plan to work at a chain pharmacy before eventually settling down in a smaller town and owning my own pharmacy much like Apotek here in Lindsborg. I also would like to travel a lot in the future especially to Africa and Europe.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany?

I decided to attend Bethany because it was a smaller school and because the professors were very involved with their students. The professors want the students to succeed and do their best to help them achieve that success.

Here is Micah’s Bethany College Story…

One of the most positive experiences I have had at Bethany would have to be the help I have had from professors in obtaining intern positions. Dr. Van Tassel put me in contact with her husband this past summer and I was able to work with him at the Land Institute in Salina. Dr. Lockyear was also helpful because she was the one pushing me to go out there and look for internship opportunities. This past inter-term I had an EBE at the Apotek pharmacy here in Lindsborg thanks to Dr. Lockyear and Dr. McCormick’s suggestions to job shadow there. This has helped me to find a field that I want to pursue and am passionate about. Without these professors I would not have been able to take a closer look at the professional fields and find the best fit for me. I owe them a lot and appreciate their help even more. So, thank you to the wonderful professors and staff of Bethany College! All of you are very positive, uplifting, and helpful. I could not have learned or achieved as much as I have these past two years without each of you.

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Featured Student of the Week – Macey Dinkel

Macey (2)Name: Macey Dinkel      

Major:  Elementary Education with a Special Education Endorsement

Hometown: Abilene, Kansas

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations): Cross-country and track and field, Ambassador, Student Activities Board Member

Plans for the future:  Graduate Bethany and educated the future!!

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? Bethany is only 45 minutes from home. Also, Bethany has a fabulous and well-respected education department which enticed me to come here!

Here is Macey’s Bethany College Story…

Picking one specific memory is a difficult task!  What comes to mind is everyday experiences on campus.  As an elementary education major, there is never a dull day in class. I enjoy the element of surprise in my classes.  Often times we do activities and such as if we were elementary school kids.   One day we may be playing games, another making miniature bow and arrows, reading kid’s books, making music, doing crafts, and much more! I never know what we will be doing, and I like it that way!

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Featured Student of the Week – Bethany Elmquist

Bethany Elm (1)Name: Bethany Elmquist

Major: Elementary Education with a business minor, middle level history endorsement and special education endorsement

Hometown: Osawatomie, KS

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations):
Current: Alpha Theta Chi sorority, Greek Council, Swede Government Association, Pathfinders, & Peer Ministry
Past: Business club, Bethany Servant Leadership Team, Chapel Choir

Plans for the future: Working with children is what I see for my future. I plan to teach somewhere either overseas or within the United States.

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? I was already familiar with the community and school. The atmosphere of the small school made me feel welcome and comfortable.

Here is Bethany’s Bethany College Story…

Pledging to Alpha Theta Chi sorority as a freshman was collectively my most memorable moment at Bethany College. Through the sorority I have met several new people. Having that support system away from home is always nice! Being a Theta has also lead me to become more of a leader on campus and within the community.

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Featured Student of the Week – Seth Derr

Seth DerrName: Seth Derr

Major: Sports Management

Hometown: Phillipsburg, Kansas

Involvements (sports, clubs, organizations): Track and Field

Plans for the future: Undecided

Why did you choose to go to Bethany? My brother Cody was going to school here, so I decided to get ahold of the track coach. The small class size attracted me as well.

 Here is Seth’s Bethany Story….

Winning the Drake Relays track meet as a freshman is one of the most memorable experiences I have had here at Bethany College. I got to compete in one of the largest college track meets in the nation, and I just happened to set the school record at that meet. I am thankful for my coaches developing my character and the friendships I have made here at Bethany.

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