Honors Symposium

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Date: April 29, 2014
Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Wallerstedt Learning Center Library

The symposium will be held in the Lower Level Foyer of the Wallerstedt Library.

The following Bethany students will be sharing their work:

  • Melissa Woeppel and Sarah Doering will present their mock write-up of the Supreme Court case decision on the Town of Greece vs. Galloway, a current case regarding legislative prayer.
  • Jacob Johanssen will describe promising new modifications to organic photovoltaic solar cells that may make them more efficient as alternative energy sources.
  • Melissa Pressnall will describe her research in exploring and designing a microfluidic device that could be utilized to characterize kinase activity in a cancer cell.
  • Jenna Sickenius will explore how William Butler Yeats uses Greek mythology to explore Irish politics in “Leda and the Swan.”
  • Jerilee Cameron will use Mary Shelley’s creature, in Frankenstein, to examine gender and the authorial psyche.
  • Krista Akers will illustrate the way in which Daniel Defoe’s protagonist Moll Flanders demonstrates characteristics of narcissism, as defined by modern psychology.
  • Kelsey Kort will examine the way home environments and education shape first- and second-language acquisition.
  • Alyson Krohn will explore how the transition from monolingualism to bilingualism works for successful students.
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