Bethany College will host a planning charrette September 30-October 2 for the planned Pearson Chapel and Welcome Center.

Bethany’s charrette will include three major components: a design workshop, fact-finding events and a public presentation. Members of the Smoky Valley and Bethany community are invited to the public presentation on October 2 from 9-11 a.m. in Lindquist Hall.

“The goal is to plan and build the Pearson Chapel and Welcome Center efficiently, effectively and faithfully,” said Bethany College Vice President for Finance and Operations Bob Schmoll.

A planning charrette is a collaborative process in which designers, planners, end-users and all people associated with the building are present. This multiple-day process, with a variety of sessions, will provide for maximum information sharing and education. Bethany College received a grant from the Kresge Foundation in order to host this event and other planning activities to ensure a LEED certified building.

The Pearson Chapel and Welcome Center will utilize principles of sustainable design. To be located in the heart of campus, the welcome center will signify Bethany’s core values as a place of open hospitality to all who come to live, study, work or visit the campus. The chapel will be a place to exemplify and affirm the life of faith and learning.