A variety of student artwork is currently on display in Mingenback Art Gallery at Bethany College

A variety of student artwork is currently on display in Mingenback Art Gallery at Bethany College

The public is invited to the Bethany College Autumn Student Art Exhibition, now on display at Mingenback Art Center Gallery on the Bethany College campus. Sponsored by the Bethany College Art Department, the show features 81 works by students currently enrolled in art classes.

“Because the show is self-selecting, not juried, this is an opportunity for students to choose what they feel is their best work to exhibit,” said Caroline Kahler, chair of the art department. “We encourage students who aren’t majors to enter work and hope to foster camaraderie in the department, where students support each other.”

The diverse exhibit showcases a variety of styles and different types of work, including ceramics, crafts, design, drawing, painting, and sculpture. A closing reception for the artists and the public will be held Wednesday, Nov. 17 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Mingenback Art Center.

Students taking Gallery Practice class installed the exhibition under the direction of instructor, Professor Ed Pogue.
Students exhibiting works in the exhibit include:

Rogers, Ark.: Maggie Bogan, senior


Yuma, Ariz.: Morgan Evans, senior


Colorado Springs, Colo.: Heather Poll, freshman

Aurora, Colo.: Lauren von Klinggraeff, freshman


St. Simons Island, Ga.: Aubrey Loizzi, senior


Admire, Kan.: Alex Delong, sophomore

Anthony, Kan.: Bryan Giesen, senior

Argonia, Kan.: Hannah Hemberger, junior

Bennington, Kan.: Caylie Burt, junior

Bird City, Kan.: Samantha Besson, junior

Buffalo, Kan.: Grace Luther, junior

Concordia, Kan.: Angela Dvorak, freshman

Ellinwood, Kan.: Katelin Clawson, junior

Emporia, Kan.: Jorge Escobar, senior

Eureka, Kan.: Monica Ashdown, sophomore; Kelsy Himes, sophomore

Falun, Kan.: Michelle Pihl, sophomore

Fort Scott, Kan.: Rachel French, senior

Hillsboro, Kan.: Suzy Lindsay, junior

Hope, Kan.: Kae Kohman, senior

Larned, Kan.: Emily Bowen, senior; Brianna Hoffman, freshman

Lawrence, Kan.: Rachel Gardner, senior

Lindsborg, Kan.: Joel Grahman, senior

Lyndon, Kan.:  Hannah Wilson, junior

Marquette, Kan.: Cari Nelson, freshman

Meade, Kan.: Nicole Holsted, junior

McPherson, Kan.: Christina Engel, freshman; Megan Gray, sophomore

Pratt, Kan.: Judy Parsons, senior

Russell, Kan.: Vanessa Anderson, freshman

Salina, Kan.: Cassandra Carter Smith, senior; Tyler Chapple, freshman; Abby Koch, junior; Rhaelyn Richardson, freshman; Jordan Schwartz, junior

Sterling, Kan.: Tyler Kroeker, sophomore

Towanda, Kan.: Sabrina Scroggin, junior

Wichita, Kan.: Holly Phelps, freshman


Hermann, Mo.: Sarah Hill, freshman


Gothenburg, Neb.: Susan Dudley, freshman

Omaha, Neb.: Courtney Kenny, sophomore

York, Neb.: Kate Dibbern, senior


Crescent, Okla.: Carly Murray, freshman

Carmen, Okla.: Michelle Stebens, junior


Keller, Texas: Kyle Pond, sophomore


Kazan, Russa: Lena Kostyuknina, international

Mingenback Art Center Gallery, located at the corner of Olsson and Second streets in Lindsborg, is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.