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Bethany College faculty member is part of Cajun Code Fest winning team

Oriade contest Codefest 2012LINDSBORG, KAN., June 4, 2012—Bethany College Assistant Professor of Physics Adebanjo Oriade, was a member of the winning team at Cajun Code Fest in Lafayette, La.

Hosted by the University of Louisiana’s Center for Business and Information Technologies, the coding competition focused on transforming data into real health care solutions targeting childhood obesity. Participants included 125 individuals concerned with improving children’s health care, including professional software developers, software designers, undergraduate and graduate students, health care leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs. Individuals organized themselves into teams before or during the event and built prototypes and tools to improve health care over a 36-hour period. Oriade, whose specialty is nano-magnets, micro-magnets, and computer modeling and simulations, formed the team BE CAMP VB with seven other participants including Vamsee Alla,

Christopher Burriss, Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel, Péter Molnár, Jackie Rowe, Betty Tanory, Robert Tanory, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce Greenstein, and Meredith Warner. Oriade also picked the team name, which is an assembly of letters from each team member’s name.

They won the top Best in Show prize, earning $25,000 and entry to the invitation-only U.S. Health Datapalooza competition in Washington, D.C., on June 5 and 6.

Adebanjo Oriade“God worked a miracle!” says Oriade. “I just wanted to go have a fun weekend coding (my hobby/work) in Lafayette and, well, my team won the contest.” Oriade says the team exchanged emails in the ten days leading up to the competition. “We clicked,” he says. “Amazing, smart, and energetic bunch…good teamwork is what facilitated the success.”

Read more about CajunCodeFest at www.cajuncodefest.org.

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Caption: Assistant Professor of Physics Adebanjo Oriade (bottom, far right) is part of the winning team at Cajun Code Fest.

Caption: Assistant Professor of Physics Adebanjo Oriade


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