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Bethany students rank globally in business simulation games

LINDSBORG, KAN., June 1, 2012—Bethany College students playing global business simulation games finished in the top 100 international players.

Associate Professor of Business Paul Gentine’s marketing class used the Global Business Strategy Simulation (GLO-BUS) game. Teams run a digital camera company. They assess market conditions, determine how to respond to competitors’ actions, forge long-term direction and strategy, and make decisions about R&D, assembly operations and worker compensation, pricing and marketing, corporate social responsibility, and financing.

Bethany students ended the simulation occupying all no. 1 rankings except for overall score out of 1,276 teams from 72 institutions worldwide.

Dani DuMars and Michael DuMars from Lindsborg, Kan., and two other team members, Sarah Bennet and Savanna Childs, finished as 55th in stock price and 64th in earnings per share. The team of Jordan Dahlke, Blake Hosey, and Tasha Wagoner finished as 1st in return on equity, 7th in earnings per share, and 7th in stock price. The team of Tyrie Allen, Brianna Hoffman, and Julius Russell finished with rankings in all categories, including 1st in earnings per share, 1st in stock price, 3rd in return on equity, and 29th in overall score. The two teams had ranked in all previous six weeks except for one.

In Gentine’s business policy class, students played the Business Strategy Game (BSG), where they form athletic footwear companies. Participants run simulated athletic footwear companies and make decisions about plant operations, distribution and warehouse operations, work force compensation, online sales at the company’s web site, sales and marketing, and finance. Performance is measured by earnings per share, return on investment, stock price appreciation, and credit rating.

Whitney Milford placed for each of the seven weeks in at least one category and placed in all categories during the last two weeks of the game. Her final score was an international ranking of 6th in return on equity, 8th in stock price, 12th in earnings per share, and 26th in overall score. Ira Autry also finished the game ranked 56th in earnings per share. He had placed in a prior week as 75th in return on equity.

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