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Featured Faculty Friday – Joyce Pigge

Joyce Pigge2_webFebruary 22, 2013

Dr. Joyce Pigge

Professor of Political Science

Getting to know you…

What is your family like?

A 20lb cat named Bear

Would you bungee jump?

Never! Heights and I do not get along—climbing over 3 steps on a ladder is a “no-no”!!

What is your favorite sport or television show to watch?

Baseball—St. Louis Cardinals! I watch every game via the MLB TV package!

Do you have a special talent?

Performing all tasks associated with my responsibilities as Bethany’s Faculty Athletic Representative and as Conference Eligibility Chair for two conferences.

Getting to know your program…

What is your academic area?

Political Science

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Students—watching them grow as persons and as students—it is a privilege to be a teacher and to chair in this experience.

What is the worst part of your job?

The frustration felt when a student is not working to his or her ability, even after more than one attempt to “inspire” has occured.

What three things would you want all students to know or do?

“Try” to the best of their ability; “care” about learning’ “love” to read.

What makes your academic area important?

An essential key to any democracy is the presence of an informed and involved populace. Unfortunately, too many students, upon entering college, possess only a very rudimentary understanding of our political system and our Constitution.


February 22nd, 2013|