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Lindsborg store fronts feature student artwork

art_StudentInstallationHands 3 Bethany College students will exhibit art installations inspired by the Messiah Festival of the Arts tradition in three installations in the store fronts of Lindsborg businesses Sarahendipity, The Old Grind, and Small World Gallery through March 31.

The installations are sponsored by the Lindsborg Arts Council and Small World Gallery. A reception will be held on March 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Small World Gallery. It is free and open to the public.

The three installations are as follows.

Orbs and Vessels

art_StudentInstallationOrbs and Vessels

“Orbs and Vessels” by students Megan Gray and Alex DeLong at Small World Gallery, 127 N. Main Street. They describe their artwork as follows:

Synergy- the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

“Our installation is comprised of the idea of chaos, simplicity and tranquility, and the moment before both of those worlds collide using energy. We are incorporating our ceramic work, as well as Alex’s painting style, which has a lot to do with kinetic energy and movement. The reason we are pairing up to create this installation is because of the balance and synergy our art has with one another. It deals with the potential energy that the ceramic work has, and the kinetic energy the colored bulbs have. Our incorporation of the kinetic and potential energy qualities of our pieces creates a dynamic statement of the delicate balance of both types of energy throughout our existence. Everything has energy, or the power to possess it, which ultimately became our inspiration.”


art_StudentInstallationHands“Hands” by students Katie Esh and Meghan Klaassen at The Old Grind, 112 N. Main Street.

In their words,”Our theme for the exhibition is hands. In gesture, hands are as wonderful as the human eyes. Hands are expressive and with each turn and motion a new message is given. Hands allow us to give a warm greeting, or assist in expressing emotion, and most importantly, hands give us the ability to create.”

Sing, Be, Live, See

art_StudentInstallationSing Be Live See

“Sing, Be, Live, See” by student Cecilia Ramsey at Sarahendepity, 105 N. Main Street. The following is Ramsey’s description of her artwork:

“I make art for many reasons, it is a chance for me to safely express myself on a very personal level.  I can convey my ideas to others, and perhaps even find a common thread of emotion with my viewers without the hazy and distorting medium of words. I want others to recognize their own joys and pains in my work and receive a certain comfort from the piece, knowing that in life, and all the comes with it, there is peace, healing, and beauty. ”

“I am inspired by the Earth and natural world.  Every texture, color, and phenomena is a miracle.  I was inspired to create this piece after singing Frank Tichelli’s, “Earth Song” with my choir.  While brainstorming and searching within myself for some sort of workable direction to take this project, I realized that in many ways the stanzas of “Earth Song” are parallel to the movements of Handel’s Messiah, and while these works of music are written in two completely different styles, they tell the same story, and to whomever they appeal, can help to inspire the same feelings.”

“As a ceramics focus, I thought it only right that I use clay as a medium.  And while I am very familiar with clay, draping tiles over forms of newspaper, using sgraffito techniques, and colored slip have been an entirely new and educational experiences for me. I have learned many things through the creation of this piece. Not only about clay, setting up an art exhibition, and new and different techniques, but also about myself.”


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