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Bethany celebrates Earth Day – now in Lindquist Hall

UPDATE: Events will take place in Lindquist Hall due to weather.

2013 Earth DayBethany College celebrates Earth Day on April 22 with workshops and Chapel service, and a work day all in the Community Garden at 725 N. Kansas Street in Lindsborg, Kan.

All events are open to the public. The Community Garden was first planted on May 3, 2009, to tie the college and community together. Through the processes of fellowship and shared work, participants learn about growing local food and living sustainably. The garden is dedicated to Ken Branch, a Lindsborg resident and 1959 Bethany graduate who has taught anthropology at Bethany. In the past three years, the garden has produced vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers.

The day’s special activities begin at 10:30 a.m. with an Earth Day Chapel service led by Campus Pastor Noni Strand held outdoors at the garden.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., a variety of student-led stations at the garden will engage participants in education, awareness, and celebration of Earth.

“We are excited to highlight Bethany’s Community Garden and ten groups of student presenters for this year’s Earth Day,” says Strand. “The entire event will be held outside at the garden, providing a wonderful opportunity to really celebrate the Earth!”

The sessions will include the following:

  • What’s For Dinner?
    Participants will learn how energy is captured and distributed through consumers (human and otherwise) in the community garden.
  • Community Garden and Ecological Communities
    The role of various components of the garden community, including bacteria and fungi in the soil, pollinators, producers, consumers, etc., will be explored.  It takes a (biological) community to raise a garden!
  • Garden Trivia
    Trivia questions will raise awareness of the value of community gardens. Expect to hear “wow!” and “I didn’t know that!”
  • Water Use Issues
    Students will present important issues related to water quality and availability.
  • What’s weeding into your garden?
    Student presenters will share information on weeds and control options.
  • Innovative Glass Garden
    Students will present possibilities for using recycled glass bottles in the garden.
  • Plant some seeds in what you read!
    Make gardening sustainable! Use old newspaper to make a fully compostable and incredibly cheap containers to start seedlings. Learn how to plant and care for flowers, veggies, or herbs to grow at home or to leave for the Community Garden.  Personalize your contribution to the Garden by decorating a flat rock and come back throughout the season to check on your plant’s progress.
  • Veganism for Sustainable Living
    Students will present an overview of the positive environmental aspects of veganism.
  • Moss Graffiti
    Create a living art project with the Art Club!
  • Your Earth Day T-shirts
    Create your own Earth Day shirt from repurposed campus t-shirts.

From 11:15 a.m. to 1 p.m., attendants can bring a blanket and their lunch for a picnic. Lunch is also available for purchase through Bethany’s Sodexo food service.

Finally, from 1 to 3 p.m., a work day will be held to plant, mulch, trim trees, fix compost bins, turn compost, and create signage for the garden.

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