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Students from the Bethany College Department of Education are getting real-life experience in the classroom this semester. Nineteen Bethany College Education majors, representing elementary, secondary, and special education teaching, recently met with their cooperating teachers and have begun the final phase of their training and licensure process with student teaching assignments at area schools.

The Bethany students include, from:

Abilene – Courtney Strauss, Health and Physical Education at Central High School and Coronado Elementary, Salina.

Great Bend – Amber Kasselman, Business at Central High School, Salina.

Lincoln, Nebraska – Ariel Buhr, Elementary Education, Mark Sheridan Elementary in Chicago.

Lindsborg – Jessica Meier, Elementary Education, 4th grade at Lincoln Elementary, McPherson.

Manhattan – Kara Shaheen, Elementary Education, 2nd grade at Soderstrom Elementary, Lindsborg.

Marquette – Laura Klaassen, Vocal Music at Hillsboro Elementary, Middle School and High School.

Oberlin – Samantha Anderson, Instrumental Music at Salina South, Coronado, Stewart and Sunset Elementary Schools, Salina.

Osawatomie – Amber Nicole Klein, Elementary Education, 3rd grade at Coronado Elementary, Salina.

Salina – Maria C. Bujanda, Health and Physical Education at Salina South High School, and Lakewood Middle School, Salina; Madison Shetlar, Art at Southeast of Saline, Gypsum.

Wakeeney – Amelia Frabrizius, Social Studies at Central High School and Lakewood Middle School, Salina.

Yukon, Oklahoma – Kaitlyn Norton, Elementary Education, 3rd grade at Washington Elementary, McPherson, and Elementary Special Education at Southeast of Saline, Gypsum, Kansas.