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The Bethany College Art Department is excited to announce the opening of the Autumn Art Exhibition, which will be on display at Mingenback Art Gallery from Nov 2 through Nov. 30. A closing reception will be held on Monday, Nov 30 at 11 a.m.

The Autumn Art Exhibition is a self-juried show by students currently enrolled in art courses at the college. Student work will feature a wide variety of pieces based on studio work from classes. The show will include small jewelry pieces and large sculptures out of found objects, figure and still life painting and drawing, and large coil pots created by ceramic students.

“Once the skills have been taught and the students work closer to graduation, they get to experiment with conceptual ideas and work on finding their artistic voice,” Professor Virginia McKinney, chair of the art department, said. “They begin telling stories of love and of heartache, exploration and travels, stories of self-doubt and internal conflicts. They speak of their connections to nature and to each other through the use of color, material and composition. Our students are sure to put on a great show this year; you won’t want to miss it.”

This event is free and open to the public. Mingenback Art Center is located on the corner of Olsson and Second Street on the Bethany College campus. It is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Bethany College Art Department recognizes that open and rigorous inquiry is essential to a liberal-arts education. Because art reflects life, art made and displayed within the Mingenback Art Center may address mature themes.

Students exhibiting work in the show include:

Aaron Cooley, junior; Alex Peterson, sophomore; Amber Warne, sophomore; Anna King, senior; Arienne Boley, junior; Ashley Akers, freshman; Brandon Divine, sophomore; Chyann Campbell, freshman; Curtis Carlson, junior; Devin Moos, senior; Dujoh Ollivierre, senior; Elsie Mealiff, senior; Eric Heden, senior; Esther Boado, junior; Hannah Chester, junior; Isaac Mier, senior; Ivan Perez, sophomore; Jacob Hebbel, junior; Jacob Werth, freshman; Jenna Mall, junior; Jeremy Erlan, senior; Jovi Carpenter, junior; Kaitlyn Ralston, freshman; Kami Olson, sophomore; Kathleen Chartrand, sopomore; Kayla Borell, freshman; Kayla Mashburn, sophomore; Lisa Stone, Hoxie; Marcos Castro, junior; Micah Hirschler, junior; Nate Coleman, senior; Nate Moales, sophomore; Noah Smucker, sophomore; Paulina Bledroe, senior; Richard Hidalgo, junior; Sara Warren, junior; Shaila Giebler, freshman; Stephanie Boren, freshman; Sydney DeLong, sophomore; Tabby Ihnken, junior.