InvestStudSccssInvesting in Student Success kicked off the Lindsborg community and area portion of the campaign Wednesday when local leaders gathered at Bethany College. The local campaign will begin with 160 contacts and will expand to the wider Lindsborg community and region in January.

Investing in Student Success campaign focuses on four areas of giving that include: Scholarships; Campus Ministry/Faith Expression; Funds for Bethany’s Future; and People & Programs. The campaign has made progress toward its goal of $4 million in unrestricted gifts over the next two years with recent gifts to the campaign.

“The gifts already received are certainly a challenge to our local community to also step up over the next two years,” Ken Sjogren, said. Sjogren is working with the Bethany Office of Advancement on the campaign this year. “All of the members on our leadership committee have stepped up and made commitments to the campaign.”

Leadership committee members include: Becky Anderson, Don Anderson, Don and Kathey Bengtson, Dennis Blomberg, Bill Gusenius, Greg Lundstrom, Mark Lysell, John Palmquist, Corey Peterson, Kathy Richardson, Ron Rolander; and the Advancement Office team of Sjogren, Warren Olson, and Molly Johnson.

For more information on the Investing in Student Success campaign, please go to or contact the Bethany College Office of Advancement at (785) 227-3380, ext. 8271.