Walter Pelz (v)Bethany College and the Messiah Festival of the Arts will present “A Tribute to Dr. Walter L. Pelz,” a concert on Palm Sunday, March 20, 2016, featuring the works by the composer, as well as a narrative describing his life and career as an internationally recognized musician.

Concert organizers are asking friends, former students, former parishioners, and others to share stories and thoughts about Dr. Pelz that will be used for a memory book or during the concert tribute.

Please respond to the prompts below to participate:

  1. During what years were you most close to Dr. Pelz, i.e. a student, etc. . . and at what institution, i.e. school, church, etc. . .
  2.  How did Dr. Pelz influence your life and/or career?
  3. Do you have any artifacts (pictures, video, etc. . .) you are willing to share?  If so, see note below.
  4. Please share any specific stories and/or other thoughts about Dr. Pelz.

Submit your story/memories to:

Bethany College Department of Music
c/o Linda Martin
335 E Swensson
Lindsborg, KS 67456


Please contact Dr. Mark Lucas with any questions, (785) 212-1362.