InvestStudSccssThe Lindsborg City Council solidified the city’s support of Bethany College at its January 18 meeting by approving three measures that greatly assist the college and its students.

The City Council approved a $10,000 scholarship package that will fund five scholarships for Smoky Valley High School graduates continuing their education at Bethany College. The “Viking to Swede” scholarships will be available to SVHS graduates with an opportunity for renewal their sophomore year.

In addition to the scholarships, the City Council also approved a motion calling for debt forgiveness on repayment of an electric upgrade for $114,346.50 and offered use of the J.O. Sundstrom Conference Center two times throughout the year at no cost.

“A strong relationship between Bethany and Lindsborg is vital to our community,” Dr. Robert Vogel, interim president, said. “The action taken by the city is deeply appreciated by the college. It is an encouragement to all of us to have this support from the city for the College and its students.”

The city’s support comes amid the College’s local campaign “Investing in Student Success,” the two-year campaign that focuses on four funding areas: Scholarships; Campus Ministry/Faith Expression; Funds for Bethany’s Future; and People & Programs.