WHM-banner-home-pageBethany College celebrates Women’s History Month throughout March with a variety of programs each week. Professors from across campus will present topics throughout the month generally on Wednesdays beginning at 6:30 p.m. in Lindquist Hall, unless otherwise noted. The programs are open to anybody on campus and in the community for free. A list of programs includes:
  • Thursday, March 3 – “Raise More Hell and Less Corn: Mary Lease, Mother Jones, and 19th Century Women Radicals,” Dr. Thomas F. Jorsch, assistant professor of history. Dr. Jorsch will deliver a presentation on two of America’s most famous – or infamous – radicals of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Mother Jones, union organizer and “the most dangerous woman in America,” and Mary Lease, Kansas’ Populist agrarian rebel.
  • March 9 (At Pearson Chapel) – “Have Women Yet Found a Room of Their Own?” Amy J. Riordan, assistant professor of communications. Based on the 1998 novel by Michael Cunningham, “The Hours” is a move that moves across decades, bringing together Virginia Woolf as she writes “Mrs. Dalloway” in 1929 with homemaker Mrs. Brown as she reads “Mrs. Dalloway” in 1949 with Clarissa Vaughn who appears to embody the character of Mrs. Dalloway in 2001. Using these women’s interwoven story lines as a starting point, Professor Riordan will lead a discussion focused on the evolution of women’s rights, duties, and sexuality.
  • March 16 – “Miss Representation,” Dr. Lisa Guinn, assistant professor of history. Miss Representation exposes how mainstream media and culture contribute to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America. Dr. Guinn will moderate a panel discussion following the film.
  • Tuesday, March 22 – “That Hijab Totally Goes with Your Eyes…Examining Powe and Essentialism in Muslim Fashion Shows,” Dr. Adam Pryor, assistant professor of religion. The Modesty Defined Islamic Fashion Council of America estimates that the Muslim clothing consumer market will reach $320 billion by 2018. Dr. Pryor will explore how Muslim women self-describe the significance of one of the most visible symbols of ‘modest’ clothing, the hijab, and discuss the significance of head covering, controversies related to modest clothing, and the significance of USA Islamic Fashion Week.
  • March 30 – “Do We Still Need a Feminist Movement?” Dr. Lisa Guinn, assistant professor of history. What was life like for women before the 1970s and the emergence of the Feminist Movement? With the positive changes won by the movement, is a Feminist Movement still relevant today? Dr. Guinn will compare women’s lives before the 1970s and now. A panel discussion will follow the presentation asking the question, “Do we still need a Feminist Movement?”