Members of the American Presidency class at the Eisenhower Library, from left: Taylor Stull, William Strommen, Jyll Gamboa, Katherine Kisor, Joleen Chanco, Brandon Skrocki, Brady Yard, and Aaron Cooley.

Members of the American Presidency class traveled to Abilene and the Eisenhower Library and Museum recently for a “back-stage” tour of the Library. The class engaged in a brief research project selected by each student, visited the museum, and toured the Eisenhower family home.

Students will present research projects during class beginning April 27 through May 6 at 2 p.m. in Social Science 17. Campus and community is invited to the following presentations:

  • April 27 – Roosevelt
  • April 29 – Eisenhower and Kennedy
  • May 2 – Johnson and Nixon
  • May 4 – Reagan and George H.W. Bush
  • May 6 – Clinton and George W. Bush