From left: Josh Hickok, Tanner Wallace, and Adam Maisch.

Three students in the Bethany College Business Policy class are ranked fifth globally on the Mike’s Bikes advanced simulation game. As part of the course, the students formed their company in the simulation and developed the strategic plan for how they would compete in the game. The students increased shareholder value form the original $13.46 per share to $1,272.83 per share in eight weeks.

The students are Josh Hickok, Tanner Wallace and Adam Maisch.

Business Policy is the capstone course for all students majoring in the business department and is instructed by Professor Duke Rogers. The Mike’s Bikes simulation is designed to tie all student coursework together and gives students the opportunity to manager their own company online, competing within a dynamic and competitive environment against other student-run firms. According to Professor Rogers, students gain skills such as learning to formulate strategy, interact with real financial reports, analyze market research, and use forecasting tools for the purpose of strategic planning.