Candles2-(3)Members from the Bethany College faculty, staff, and students attended the Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference at Augsburg College in Minneapolis on June 8-10. The annual conference, supported by the ELCA, brings together members of Lutheran colleges to explore the distinctive roles they play in higher education.

Melody Steed, assistant academic dean; Linda Ball, administrative assistant; and William Strommen, a senior from Salina majoring in history and political science, represented Bethany at this year’s conference.

“The conference was rich with discussion and insight into the need for building bridges through interfaith dialogue and what that can mean for a college community,” Steed said.

The Bethany team has a number of ideas about the ways in which interfaith dialogue can be further pursued on campus and is looking forward to sharing ideas brought back from the conference. “The one that that I took away from the conference is that people all over the United States are thinking about building partnerships and providing spaces for interfaith dialogue,” Ball said.

Conference sessions focused the connection between the Lutheran intellectual tradition and a commitment to interfaith understanding; why and how to prepare students from multiple religious and non-religious background/perspectives for leadership and service in a religiously diverse world; affirming/developing a vision for interfaith cooperation as a priority on ELCA college and university campuses, and considering tactics to implement this vision.