brauerArchbishop Dietrich Brauer from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia will visit Bethany College on Friday, September 9 at 5:30 p.m. in Levin Meeting Room at the Pihlblad Memorial Union. The event begins with dinner and reservations are required. Email your registration to


Dietrich Brauer was born in Vladivostock, Siberia to a Russian German family.  In addition to his seminary degree, Brauer has also studied music and law.  Elected in 2011, Brauer is the youngest and first native bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia.  He is married to Rev. Tatyana Petrenko.  He grew up in Moscow and attended Novosaratovka Theological Seminary. Besides serving as archbishop, he is pastor of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Moscow.

On the Lutheran church’s witness in Russian society today, Brauer said the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russian’s ecumenical engagement with the Russian Orthodox Church and with other Protestant faith communities are important contributions. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia is a “church of modern theology,” working to make Lutheran theology accessible to people in the local language. “Our local theologians are publishing books in Russian and translating works by German Lutheran theologians,” Brauer added. The church also organizes theological seminars and runs a radio program on Lutheran theology.

This outstanding occasion is designed for clergy, lay people, teachers, and students who are keenly interested in the global mission of the Christian church. Archbishop Brauer will speak on the state of the Lutheran church in Russia specifically highlighting “Equipping for Service,” a ministry that offers theological education for lay leaders to care for and grow their congregations in Siberia.

Those attending are directed to go through the cafeteria line. Payment for the dinner is $10.05 which is paid at the cash register as one enters the cafeteria, located on the first floor of theUnion. Upon securing your meal, attendees are asked to take a seat in the Levin Dining Room. Archbishop Brauer will address the group at 6 p.m.  An opportunity for questions and informal conversation is available following the presentation.  For further information contact Rev. Richard Monson: 620-241-6003.