Official headcount numbers recently released by Bethany College show an increase in total students over last year at this time due, in part, to one of the largest group of new students on campus in more than 20 years.

Total headcount for the college is 716 with students coming from 35 different states and 23 countries. In comparison, the total headcount in the fall of 2015 was 699. In August Bethany welcomed 291 freshmen and transfer students, the largest number of new students since 1994.

“We have an outstanding team of faculty and staff that are committed to providing a great education and work very hard to bring new students to Bethany,” Matthew Pfannenstiel, dean of admissions, said.

“Beyond the numbers, I am also excited about the high quality of students choosing Bethany.” he said.

Both grade point average and standard test scores increased for the incoming freshman class this year.

“Bethany has a reputation for producing successful professionals who love God and love people,” President Will Jones said. “I’m thrilled that so many students have been attracted to us this year. I look forward to seeing how they will grow and the positive impact they will make on our local community.”

Michael Baker from Minneapolis, Kansas is among the members of Bethany’s large incoming class. He was attracted to Bethany initially because of its music department and had the opportunity to visit campus many times in high school for the choral workshops. He also plays basketball and enjoys the the small campus and Lindsborg community.


“I think the best thing about Bethany is being on a small campus where everybody is accepting,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you are a musician or an athlete, we all come together as one community.”