imageThree poems written by Bethany College Senior Linzi Garcia are included in “Treading Unique Paths,” the 2016 Young Writers Anthology, published this month. The three poems titled, “19,” “Unaccustomed to Nakedness,” and “Teach Me How to Rain,” are her first published works outside of the campus newspaper. Garcia serves as the managing editor of the college newspaper, “The Messenger” and is in the Bethany Honors Program. The anthology is currently available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Excerpt from “Teach Me How to Rain:” Sounds of screams used to soothe me/but now the lightning bites harder than the sun;/I am forced to write with the same intensity./Retaliation! Frustration! No more patience!/Howling, “Mother Thunder, teach me how to sing!/Father Lightning, teach me how to fight back!”/I have her smile and both of his fists.