Bethany College conferred degrees upon 135 students who earned Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Music Education from the college during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Summer, fall, interterm, and spring graduates from 2016-2017 were honored during baccalaureate worship and commencement ceremonies in Presser Hall on Sunday, May 21.

William A. Jones, President of Bethany College, addressed the graduating class of 2017 during the commencement ceremony. President Jones asked student to be grateful for this moment and not worry about the past by serenading them with the song “Let It Go.”

Micah Dunkleberger, a biology major from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, was the senior speaker and Mark Klaassen, a biology major from Marquette, Kansas, was the senior musician performing a vocal solo.

Class of 2017

Araceli Aburto Villanueva, Accounting, Business Administration, Management
Ricky D. Alexander, Accounting, Management
Joshua Anguiano, Health & Physical Education Teaching PreK-12
Kylee R. Ayres, Psychology
Michelle Beasley, Digital Art: 3D Computer Animation
Elizabeth D. Benoit, Management Marketing
JC Bird, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Jordan R. Blakesely, Biology Teaching 6-12, Chemistry Teaching 6-12
Lewis W. Blair, Finance, Marketing
Jonathan Bledsoe, Theatre & Communication Arts: Communication
Esther G. Boado, Interactive Graphic Design
Garret S. Boothe, History Political Science
Erin K. Borchard, Criminal Justice
Donald Brais, Psychology
Rebekah N. Brakebill, Digital Art: 3D Computer Animation
Austyn C. Callahan, Management, Mathematics
Jovanna A. Canales, Business Administration, Finance, Management
Lucas Cardozo de Holanda, Business Administration, Management: International Management
Curtis A. Carlson, Finance
Jovi A. Carpenter, Studio Art: Drawing
Jenna A. Carson, Management, Marketing
Quethzally Chaparro, Athletic Training
Josiry Cirino, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Manuel Collado Diaz, Accounting, Finance
Nichole Contreras, Elmentary Education Teaching K-6
Aaron M. Cooley, Religion: Ministry of Service
Kristen N. Crawford, Management Psychology
Carl Daniels, Criminal Justice
Courtney L. Davis, Biology, Religion: Ministry of Service
Dominique J. Davis, Sports Management
Christian H. Desbien, Mathematics
Macey L. Dinkel, Elementary Education Teaching K-6
Alphonso Dixon, General Studies
Jason C. Drouillard, English Teaching 6-12
Micha L. Dunkleberger, Biology
Jasmine J. Dwerlkotte, History Political Science, Management
Chengetayi Dziva Chikwari, Management, Marketing: Network Marketing
Robert J. Eakin, Biology
Kittey G. Edwards, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Derrell N. Epps, Sports Management
Bruno Feiteira Campos Macedo, Management
Thomas Felling, Management, Marketing
Mika Fulkerson, Applied Arts: Entertainment & Game Arts
Jerricus J. Funderburke, Management, Marketing
Jyll L. Gamboa, Physical Health & Wellness: Exercise Science
Steven D. Gillespie, Mathematics
Layne C. Gilliland, Chemistry Teaching 6-12, Mathematics Teaching 6-12
Shauna A. Giltinan, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Gabriel G. Goncalves, Finance, Management
Ricardo Gonzalez, Business Administration, Business Economics, Finance
Cale M. Green, Health & Physical Education Teaching PreK-12
Joseph Habtemariam, Management
Megan E. Hamilton, Biology
Cody R. Harris, Management
Quinton Harrison, Biology
Celina Harvin, Physical Health & Wellness: Exercise Science
Jacob Hebbel, Business Administration, Management: International Management
Sarah L. Henderson, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Cody J. Hickox, Social Science Teaching 6-12
Micah A. Hirschler, English, Theatre & Communication Arts: Communications, Theatre
Aaron G. Huerta, Physical Health & Wellness: Exercise Science
Michaela L. Huntington, Biology, Theatre & Communication Arts: Communications
Tabatha K. Ihnken, Art Teaching PreK-12: Ceramics
Lauren E. Iverson, Sports Management
Malcolm Jenkins, Finance, Management
Alyson E. Johannsen, Vocal Music Teaching PreK-12, B.M.E.
Kalli King-Nighswonger, Digital Art: 3D Computer Animation
Mark Klaassen, Biology
Erika T. Klein, Elementary Education Teaching K-6
Maddie D. Klotzbach, Physical Health & Wellness: Exercise Science
Ty Kolterman, Physical Health & Wellness: Exercise Science
Christoffer L. Larsen, Accounting, Business Administration, Management
Kimberly D. Lindshield, Management, Sports Management
Audrey L. Lipton, Digital Art: 3D Computer Animation
Bryan Lira Ayala, Mathematics
Jospeh Loughlin, Sports Management
Trey L. Lyles, Business Economics, Finance, Management
Jenna N. Mall, Studio Art: Ceramics, Painting
Juan Mateus, Biology, Management
Diego McCollum, Psychology
Larry D. McLin, Management, Sports Management
Jeffrie Mecillas, Health & Physical Education Teaching PreK-12
Brooklyn J. Meinke, Sports Management
Ian C. Merzwinski, Physical Health & Wellness: Exercise Science
Rachel K. Meyer, Business Administration
Noah J. Miller, Biology
Nikita Nelson, Psychology
Johnnie U. Newson, Theatre & Communication Arts: Communication
Robert E. O’Neill, Biology
Irving J. Ocasio-Dones, Management
Nathaniel Ocran, Accounting
Chase J. Phillips, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Anna M. Plante, Biology
Taylor Platt, Criminal Justice
Luis Pinto, Business Administration, Finance, Management: International Management
John R. Risewick, Management
Oliver Rubenstein, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Jeana-Brinae L. Russell, Biology, Psychology
Elin Saxon, Biology
Anton E. Schrader, Criminal Justice
Juan Sermo Diaz, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Royce M. Shields, Psychology
Luke M. Shirley, Accounting
Lelandra D. Silsby, Biology
Michael J. Slaton, Applied Arts: Illustration
Ashtyn J. Snider, Health & Physical Education Teaching PreK-12
Darius Squire, Physical Health & Wellness: Exercise Science
Jasmine Stewart, Biology
Paige C. Stewart, English
William D. Strommen, History Political Science
Tayler D. Stull, Social Science Teaching 6-12
Bryanna N. Taylor, Biology
Jalen T. Thompson, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Miguel A. Valadez, Physical Health & Wellness: Coaching
Garret L. Valentine, Digital Art: 3D Computer Animation
Deanna C. Van Poucke, Management
Daniel J. Vanderhoof, Applied Arts: Illustration
Eileen M. Vlamis, Mathematics Teaching 6-12
Damion S. Walls, History Political Science
Emily Walter, Addiction Counseling
Sara A. Warren, Studio Art: Ceramics, Drawing, Painting
Anna Weber, Biology
LyNae P. Whitehead, Biology
Samantha White, Biology
Trevor Whittaker, Management, Marketing
Shandy J. Wilcox, Management
Whitney N. Williams, Criminal Justice
Andrea M. Wilson, Athletic Training
Ciera M. Wong, Biology
Brady Yard, History Political Science
Bailey R. Zulkoski, Mathematics