Bethany College has selected Dr. Elizabeth Mauch as the college’s new Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Mauch formerly served as Dean of the College of Education and Professor of Mathematics at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

During the search for the next Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bethany had nearly 70 candidates apply for the position. As a part of the interview process, Dr. Mauch inspired Bethany’s faculty and staff with her commitment to fostering an environment that recognizes and supports teaching excellence, championing the importance of faculty in shared governance, making a positive impact upon the institution and regional community, and supporting and serving underrepresented and underserved populations. Dr. Mauch stated she has invested her career in education, because she “appreciates the transformative power that education can have in students’ lives.”

“Dr. Mauch will help to make an already strong Bethany education of the head and heart even stronger. She will be a terrific leader of academics and a wonderful colleague to faculty and staff,” said President Will Jones.

Dr. Mauch began her academic career at Bloomsburg University as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. She earned tenure in her fifth year and became a full professor at the end of her tenth year of service to the university. During her tenure in the Mathematics Department, she was appointed director of the Math & Science Resource Center for the College of Science and Technology.

In her eighth year as a Professor of Mathematics, and at the behest of the Dean of the College of Science and Technology, she applied as the Interim Assistant Dean for the College of Science and Technology. She accepted the position in order to learn more about academic administration, formulate a wider vision for the Math & Science Resource Center, and to identify and work with potential donors and funding agencies to support the mission of the center. Dr. Mauch broadened the vision and mission of the center to include STEM summer camps for local 5th through 12th grade students, as well as to include meaningful research-based training and development programs for local teachers in STEM subjects. Mauch’s efforts led to enhanced science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educational experiences for local K through 12th grade students.

In 2009, she was appointed by the university’s Provost to serve as the Interim Dean of the College of Education. The primary responsibility of the Interim Dean at the time was to ensure that the College of Education would achieve reaccreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), accreditation that was revoked in 2008. She worked collaboratively with her faculty to earn full NCATE accreditation by the organization’s next site visit in 2012. In the same year, she was hired as the Bloomsburg University’s Dean of the College of Education in May of 2012, a position she was held until May of 2017.

“Dr. Mauch will bring important skills and knowledge in accreditation and assessment,” Dr. Kristin Van Tassel, co-chair of the search committee, said. “She moved through the faculty ranks, and therefore understands that process and what it means to be a faculty member. She has experience in interdisciplinary educational initiatives. As a Dean at Bloomsburg she worked with faculty and staff in many capacities. All of this has prepared her to meet the needs of Bethany College’s collaborative community — where faculty, staff, coaches, and administrators work closely with one another.”

“I am delighted to be joining the team at Bethany College,” said Dr. Mauch. “I was impressed by the dedication of the faculty, staff and administration to the students and the surrounding community.  I am looking forward to working with everyone at Bethany to keep Bethany’s promise to students ‘to be a part of something bigger than yourself.'”

In addition to being named as Bethany’s new Vice President of Academic Affairs this week, Dr. Mauch was also selected as a Fulbright Specialist Program participant. This prestigious honor will take her to Europe in the summer of 2019 to share her expertise in flipped classrooms and retention.

“The Board of Directors is pleased to have Dr. Mauch join the Bethany and Lindsborg family,” said Bethany Board of Directors Chair Corey Peterson. “We are impressed with the skill sets and experiences Dr. Mauch brings to campus as she works with President Jones, faculty and staff to continue Bethany’s climb to new heights.”

Dr. Mauch is filling a role vacated by Professor Bob Carlson. Carlson is returning to the Bethany Business Department as Chair. He served the past three years as Provost of the college during the presidential transition and to provide oversight of the college’s reaffirmation of accreditation efforts.